First fromProfits4Investing! Which is the # 1 HYIP on the Internet! Right now they have so much traffic that it is bogging down the Server! So Admin had to order more! He has been also holding nightly Conferences and has been going over future Business Plans for his HYIP. PLEASE STAY OFF THE WEBSITE! I just Posted My Link…wait till Saturday to sign up and if you decide to invest remember to think and possibly use my Referral Link. Thanks. 🙂 I was Paid $100!

I was also Paid by the # 1 Auto Surf on the Internet! 12DailyPRO! Over $1000 Paid. It was great as usual! I also got my Convention Attendance Confirmation Card today! I just LOVE THEM! I should also be maxed soon.

One of my FIRST NEW Auto Surfs PAID ME ALSO! The *New Auto Surf is called AutoSurf-for-Cash.com. They Pay 15% Daily, for 10 days and 15% Referral Commissions. I was paid $23 and some change and Upgraded tonight!

OH I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. 🙁 Bravenet *LOST* My Website! I am SO ANGRY with them! I have to rebuild and it will take some time but I Promise My next Website will be better and on a better Server as I expect some growth in the up and coming months with my other website as well! SURPRISES IN STORE!

So that is all folks until we meet again! I will try to keep you all Update as much as possible! I am sorry, just had alot on my mind.