Food Review: IHOP Chicken and Waffles

I was watching TV two days ago and I saw IHOP had a new special: Chicken and Waffles! I couldn’t believe it! I have ALWAYS wanted to try chicken and waffles and I finally have my chance! Even though it comes from a popular food chain, it was still worth to get a taste of the southern food. So I decided this weekend my daughter and I would go to IHOP. We went to brunch but she insisted I was not eating brunch but breakfast and lunch LOL! Because waffles are for breakfast and chicken fingers are for lunch LOL!

So we get there, I order Liz a Rooty Jr. with orange juice, and myself the Chicken and Waffles with apple juice and coffee.

Now when I received it I thought it looked good. The chicken fingers were good and the waffles were good but I really wasn’t sure how to eat them together because of the texture of both the waffle and the chicken fingers. It looked like they had cleaned it up from how the south would eat it so that the west coast can still have it and enjoyed it. I knew this wasn’t exactly how the southerners eat it LOL. I think it could have been a little more rich. Good dish for the west coast who would still like to have their breakfast and lunch at the same time without having to opt for brunch. It is around for only a limited time. I say its pretty good.