Madonna and Lady Gaga borrowing her music and style

article: Did Lady Gaga copy Madonna? Answer: YES! Lady Gaga debuted a new song called Born this Way, this last week, which sounds almost like Madonna’s Vogue and/or Express Yourself. In the beginning I thought Lady Gaga was unique in her style of music but not her style in general. In clothing style I thought she was always trying to copy Madonna’s past looks. Now she is copying her music??? WTF! She is not the next Madonna, only Madonna can be Madonna. I think LG is more for this new generation yes but doing her own thing. I am huge Madonna fan. But I do like some of LG music. I just refuse to listen to her new song. I almost wonder if it was purposely done that way?? Hmmm…

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2 Responses to Madonna and Lady Gaga borrowing her music and style

  1. Lé Vici says:

    Yeah, I kinda agree. I mean, I love gaga but to this point, she is just being Madonna/Marilyn Manson/Blondie/Ace of Base/David Bowie etc.

  2. gutstitty says:

    fantastic! I adore lady-gaga, she’s impressive!
    you can take a look at her photo here:

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