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A lot of people are skeptics when it comes to getting free stuff, especially when it comes to hundreds of dollars in electronics, which is totally understandable. But I am here to tell you, yes its free and yes it works, here a link to my FREE stuff story. I did this years ago and had a ball and doing it again. This time starting with a FREE IPad 2. Which you only need 10 Referrals for the one I am doing.

HOW does it work you are probably wondering? Well, simple. Once you sign up under the person who referred you, in this case me, you are asked to try a sponsored offer. Basically a free trial to a product or service. Such as Netflix, Credit Report, a weight loss product etc…

Now how this works for the advertiser and the website offering the free electronic is, the advertiser has a chance of getting your business, the free electronic site gets paid when you try something from the advertiser and in return sends you the electronic when you have completed the free electronic requirements. I once did this for my free laptop and got Vonage service and ended up keeping the Vonage home phone line service for years. 🙂 EVERYBODY WINS. Now some trials are free, others require you to pay shipping, etc…

So basically for the FREE IPad 2. The IPad 2 I am doing requires 10 Referrals. So basically you refer 10 people who each complete ONE advertised offer. You then submit the request for your FREE IPad 2 once all 10 of your Referrals sign up under your referral link and each complete an offer. VERY SIMPLE!

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