Christian Home Business Association The Christian Home Business Association, Inc. (CHBA), a registered nonprofit corporation, provides Christian entrepreneurs with low cost, high quality business, financial and religious assistance.

Online and offline membership benefits are available, depending on members’ preferences and businesses. Our members include Internet marketers, mail order marketers, those who use both the Internet and mail order, and those who sell products or services from their home. You can get a detailed description of our benefits by clicking here.

The Christian Home Business Association is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.

We rely on the Bible as a source of guidance, inspiration, and wisdom in all aspects of life, including the conduct of business. We are dedicated to helping ordinary, Christian, God-loving people who want to build their home businesses in ethical, low cost ways.

We do not practice and do not recommend that our members follow the widespread practice of appealing to prospective customers on the basis of greed and/or laziness. In our experience, greedy, lazy people are not successful in life or in business.