Today, I am going to talk about death. 🙁 I am so blessed to not have experienced it as much as have but when I do boy is it painful!

Growing up, I have had two animals pass away, which upset me enough and a high school peer that has passed away. But it didn’t hit me as hard as a passing of a friend. She was such a beautiful person inside and out. We originally met at a business meeting, I joined her business, Cookie Lee and worked with her. (pictured above Marilyn Hunnewell on the left)

Just last year my 2nd family dog passed away. (picture above Cheyenne on the right), then when my friend passed this year. I feel like GOD is preparing me for the passing on someone really close to me. 🙁 I have asked a lot of people and some say no that is not the case. But I still believe different.

Just remember to stay in touch and close to those you Love