More FABULOUS Updates from Moi! ;)

Hello All! Time for some fabulous, fabulous updates to report regarding myself, my blog and my other adventures! : D

First, my blog has doubled in visitors between the month of July and August 2011! I am just so freaking happy and excited when I checked my report on Hostgator! My host of choice!

The reason that they have doubled is because of! I posted, I would do a blog post about your biz for $5! . I have had a ton of work because of them! My frequent updates on my blog have brought more traffic. Like a win-win-win! : D

Now, I feel like I am at a place where, I would like to take my blog to the next level. Not sure how or what I am going to do but Vlogging is something I am looking into. Since Videos are more responsive and popular on the internet. I am also considering some advertising for my blog. If I do, I want it somewhere BIG! I did some purchase a 30 second commercial on an internet radio oldies station. So, that is going to be fun! 😀

My other adventures have been interest in Silver and Gold, getting my daughter out there by her request (her fan page Famous Liz Beth), and promoting my Vi Biz 😉 . Plus, everything in between (work, Liz and her school, etc…) .

So, stay tuned 😉