Two and a Half Men Premiere with Ashton Kutcher Review

OMG the beginning just blew me away! Charlie Died! I couldn’t believe it! Wow Mr. Lorre! LOL! Its kind of hard to form an opinion on the first episode. I wish I could watch it again. I will probably lol! But, yes, he died and a couple of surprise celebrities were in it as well. Then finally, Ashton Kutcher, aka Mr. Walden Schmidt by surprise when Alan was talking to Charlies’ ashes. But I do think at the end he will be taking over some of Charlie’s characteristics. I also think Ashton has kind of look like the Son of God as well. I don’t want to paint that kind of picture when I am thinking of a broken hearted womanizer. So I will just say neutral so far. 🙂

Side note: In the beginning I was totally against the idea of Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, thought he has some pretty big shoes to fill and just was not suited for the job. Then, I saw Ashton Kutcher a couple of days ago on Conan and just saw he was so nervous and cute about it, I thought I could give him a chance. I also saw on Charlie Sheen’s Facebook Twitter page a picture of him and Ashton together and I guess I can just accept it and see how it goes 😉

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P.S. Did I mention he was nekkid? 😉