Fitness News: CJ the Workout Kid Since being in the health and fitness industry and of course since almost everything in news posted in Facebook, I learned about the story of The Workout Kid.

At first and still, ironically I think it seems unhealthy that this child, a 10 year boy has a six pack. I briefed through his story that he saw Tony Horton’s P90X DVD and told his parents he wants to do fitness videos for kids. They do mention the safety that is used for kids doing this type of fitness and that weight lifting is used or lightly used I am not sure which, I didn’t understand the wording.

My daughter workouts with me, but she also gets bored and does other things like dancing, etc…And I can honestly say she does like to lift 2lb weights. Which she doesn’t really do that often.

So I think its good for kids to get healthy but there is a thin line between being healthy and going the extreme. I also understand that we live in a country where obesity is huge. Its up to you to decide what your child can do. 🙂