My switch from Beach Body to Body By Vi back to Beach Body!

Had considered a while ago to write this and then another former BB former BBV distributor had inspired me to do so finally, so thank you.

Now first I want to say, I did not just join Beach Body automatically. I was in between deciding what I wanted to. I was approached three different times by three different people and at that point, I thought I must be meant to be to join this company. So I joined a long time online friend to be my sponsor. She was the third person to approach me about joining BB.

I also want to mention network marketing BB is not my first rodeo. I have been in Network Marketing since I was 18 years old chasing my financial independence from the 9-5 grind. I have been in everything from AVON to YTB, Ameriplan, you name it, I might have done it.

My first workout I purchased was Brazil Butt Lift, became active and drinking my Shakeology and workout a few months after I had joined. Boy, did BB make me feel great! I felt good on the inside and the outside first time in my life. I sold a Brazil Butt Lift workout shortly after I joined. I was on cloud nine! : D Things were slowing down a bit and honestly wasn’t getting the results I wanted because I wasn’t doing the work. I had been speaking to a previous BB rep whom I still love and adore who was in BBV. I finally decided to change when I didn’t receive some information I wasn’t too happy about from my upline and the answers I was given on the comp plan.

So I joined BBV in August 2011, still keeping my BB account for discount on workouts and Shakeology. I was ecstatic. I thought wow, I am going to make a fast income, earn a BMW, just like I always wanted in a network marketing biz. But a part of me was not liking it. I felt like I was betraying myself and BB by joining BBV. But I just ignored it, A lot of people would ask me who were BB Coaches if I switched companies and I said yes and explained why. I was unhappy with the biz BB model/comp plan. When I joined, I had scheduled it to where I receive my BBV shake two months into the biz. I wasn’t really marketing, just on FB a little bit.

I finally received the BBV shake at the end of September 2011. I took my first shake for breakfast to work. Now I might also need to add, when I was in between the BB Shakeology shake and BBV, I was drinking Chocolate Whey protein from Walmart and BB Vanilla Meal Replacement. So, anyway, I took my first drink and I was just disappointed. I didn’t taste any of the nutrients like I did in Shakeology. To me, it didn’t taste like cake but just exactly like the BB Vanilla meal replacement.

I was thinking to myself “What am I doing? I can’t drink this? What am I going to do?” So at work, I was contemplating heavy what I should do. I thought well, maybe I could stay in it and still drink the shake and drink two a day and lose the weight or just drink it once a day and buy Shakeology every other month. I could use my Vi bag for 90 Day Challenge parties. I was just so confused. Finally at the end of the day I made up my mind and carefully told my great sponsor that I was going back to BB. I felt bad but I just couldn’t see myself marketing something I didn’t enjoy and I missed BB and felt at home with BB. So I deleted myself from all the BBV groups I was in, told my sponsor and went back to promoting BB.

I know there is a very slim number of us that go back to BB from BBV but we are out there. 😉 But choose whatever makes you happy and more comfortable. I know I will reach my goals with BB. My financial and health/fitness goals. So I am not going anywhere anymore. And BB is not my only source of my income as well. I am with other non-competing companies. I also believe that BB and BBV are like apples and oranges. They have similarities but they are both completing different.

*Reserve the right to edit and add if needed.

Changed MLM Companies – from Beach Body to Body By Vi