The Ahh Bra vs The Genie Bra

For a long time I have been looking into getting these bras. Both the Ahh Bra and Genie Bra. But I did not want to pay the $60 the infomercial suggests to get them. So, lucky me, they both ended up and walmart back to back for $20 bucks and I am now able to do my review 😉

So, last week I first purchased the Ahh Bra. I love it because it was soft and no lines and the bra came in nude. For the $20 that you would spend it comes with one bra. Unlike the infomercial that comes with 3 for $60. Which, I am semi-fine with that, but I do prefer to use more than one bra. I wore the bra when I went to go and get my hair done and realized after I took off my coat that there was no padding where there should be LOL! So I was fine with that. I also noticed that it did not offer enough support for my breasts. It sagged a little but I am very anal about that especially for my size. So I decided to still wear my uncomfortable JCPenney bras again. Bleh. 🙁

Then my sister came over for Thanksgiving and told me she had bought the Genie Bra and loves it! I told her I had planned on purchasing it and now with her confirmation that it was a good bra I could definitely get it now. So today while I did my normal Walmart shopping I picked up the bra. I first noticed for the same cost you get 2 bras for $20 (I got black and nude). I thought great, I am already saving money! : D

Then, I went home and put it on before I went to see my movie Breaking Dawn. I noticed it was a whole lot better! It has padding on your cups, I feel a better lift and still no lines and comfortable! I LOVE THIS BRA! : D

So my winner is Genie Bra. Better Price. Better Quality. 😉

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