The Duggars on #20! Are you kidding me???

I just heard today by my co-worker that they are having another baby!! Are you seriously effin serious??? After her baby #19 was not well in the hospital wouldn’t that be a sign that they should stop??

I found a post I did about them when they had #18, now we are at #20?? What about the rest of the world who wants to have more babies and can’t? Do they think this is fair to their children, the population. Do they really think that this is supposed to happen? Can you imagine her uterus now, the children probably just come sliding out! Seriously!

And doesn’t this woman need some independence? I mean her husband Jim Bob has his work and things that he can do besides take care of his family. Michelle is a licensed Real Estate Agent, I mean wouldn’t she love to go out and meet people and sell houses or something?

I have seen a couple of episodes but I just have so many questions lol and not really an opinion I guess. Well, I think my opinions are those questions. I mean I feel for her more than anything, for crying out loud she is already a grandmother! She is like a cow and that is so sad. I think though since I am so about woman’s independence that is part of my problem as well. : P

I am just concerned for overpopulation of the earth and attention for all of her kids. Kids need attention, especially from their parents. And individual love and quality time and I am not sure these kids get it. Instead they are raising their parents children, their siblings.

Yes, having children is a part of life and a miracle in itself but there is such thing as taking it to the extreme which I think that they have done. For example they are not the only ones. Look at Octomom or Kate Plus 8. At least there is a two parent household with Christian values in their household.

Coming from a single mom, that is pretty good 😉 As I try to remain objective. I have only one child and would love to be blessed with one more. A boy. To fill that void, I sponsor a child in the Philippines. 🙂

I think its funny how fascinated people are by people who are pregnant (even if they have had kids before) and even more so they are astounded by women who have multiples. I guess all in all mother nature is pretty awesome. I gave birth to my daughter naturally and I LOVED being pregnant. That was 8 years ago. It was a really surreal experience. Being a woman is pretty cool! 😉

Anyway lol! I hope she locks it up after #20 because now she has an even number of children and I don’t think its really healthy for her.

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