Mom of 4 in Prison for use of Marijuana

Our justice system pisses me off! You are going to throw her in prison for a little marijuana yet Casey Anthony goes FREE for MURDER??? Tell me how in the hell that makes sense! I guess I can see where our priorities lie when it comes to circumstances like this or Casey Anthony’s Trial. This woman should just be doing community service right now if anything and Casey Anthony should have the death sentence! SMH. Who comes up with this shit??? I bet you its someone whose pockets are deep and doesn’t give a rats ass about who should actually be in prison. Seriously throwing people in jail for their OWN drug use is ridiculous and that is why we have overcrowded prisons and jails. Unless someone actually MURDERS someone is when they should be prison! AN EYE FOR AN EYE! The jails and prisons are overcrowded with the drug dealers so since limited space they let the MURDERERS and Sex offenders go FREE! SMH. Damn our system is messed up! Frankly there is no justice and you just need to watch your own back. UNLESS you happen to have a high profile lawyer!

Well Patricia I am right behind you 100%