2012 Miss America is Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler

Tonight I decided to watch 2012 Miss America because it seemed to be the most interesting thing on since I missed the playoffs between the 49ers and the saints.

Well in between doing my online stuff and watching TV, I caught most of the girls either doing ballet, singing opera, one played the piano very well. I think one might have even done a little salsa dancing which I thought was more interesting then the some I did see. But while I was watching it all I could think about is how this show reminds me of Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock lol!!! And how the joke is how its not a beauty pageant and all the girls want world peace. I also remembered that Donald Trump owns it and still trying to figure out why? I was barely paying attention to who I wanted to win as well but I was shooting for mainly Miss Nevada and Miss Utah since I live or was born in both those states 😉

Personally, I have had experiences with beauty pageants. When I was 18 and lived in a small town, back in 2000 and right before I got married 😉 , I did the Miss Wasatch pageant. It was really fun. I was the shortest girl with the funniest talent ever. I choreographed a dance for the Madonna song “Open Your Heart” (My favorite song) LOL! It was hilarious! My dance routine was horrible lol! But I still did it and got in front of all those people. LOL!! I think somewhere buried we may still have the VHS for it.

I also was Miss Teen Petite 1999 for Utah but did not have the money to travel to the location to be a finalist or whatever that may have been.

My daughter I plan to put her in a couple so she can experience it and be in the lime light that she wants to be in. Just not sure when. I guess I need to research it again. I have seen a bit of Toddlers and Tiaras and follow Eden Wood on Facebook but I don’t think that they need to be taken to that extreme. My daughter likes to wear makeup and such but I would never give her false teeth, thousand dollar dresses, spray tans or a wig/hair piece just for a small dainty prize.

Anyway I think they are basically beauty pageants but they are fun. 🙂