Comforts I LOVE: Sleep Masks

You know I think I have always loved sleeping with sleep masks. I found them one time at the dollar store, aka Dollar Tree and bought ten of them because I was so excited that they had them. 🙂 My daughter used her purple one for a while to actually sleep with, which I was surprised but now she no longer wears it. I tried convincing my mom and sister to wear them because they both have sleep issues but no avail. 🙁

I remember when I was married my ex-husband didn’t like me wearing them, which was pretty annoying.

So anyway, I frequently go to Walmart at least a few times a week and one time I was in the beauty section and saw that they had even nicer ones, so then I bought one and traded in my dollar sleep mask for a nicer $4 sleep mask lol!

Then later, when I was visiting my dad in Las Vegas, my daughter and I watched a lot of HSN LOL!!! I don’t know why, it just seemed good at the time lol! So anyway they featured this nap set from Concierge Collection So Soft & Cozy and I just had to buy it for my daughter and myself. It came with a throw, a small pillow and of course a sleep mask. Which is even better than the one I got from Walmart! These nap sets were only $20! I want to get more but they did sell out. 🙁 Oh well. Maybe later.

The benefits of the sleep mask are: Blocks light, helps you sleep deeper and longer. I am sure other benefits too but those are the couple I can think of right now lol!

The reason why I decided to blog about it is because my mom finally agrees that they rock! Now she uses one every night! : D

So highly recommend and looking for an upgrade again in the future! : D

Edit on 09/09/12: So a guy contacted me and let me know he made homemade sleep masks at