Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years!! The day of New Years Eve I worked out to Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire for my last workout of 2011, I did her Fire 30 (one of my favorite workouts) then that night I went to my sisters to celebrate new years! Had a blast! Haven’t gone out for new years in 3+ years. I met some nice people and played some drinking games then went to be around 230 am lol!

Then the next morning I went home and had some Chocolate Shakeology with PB2 and went and worked out with my mom at the gym. I feel great! I am waiting for my new Chalene Johnson workout Chalean Extreme to come. I am going to do a Turbo Fire/Chalean Extreme hybrid (its when you to do workouts combined for maximum physical activity).

2011 I was blessed with many new friend and relatives that I had been searching for or have wanted to know. 2012 I plan to get fit financially as well as physically. I plan on working out 6 days a week again. Working on my investments and businesses to initially make as much as I do in my regular then double and triple that every month. I am going to laser focus on my business this year. I will be a Emerald Coach by the end of January and a Diamond Coach by the end of April. Not only that I am determined to cut out Dr. Pepper/soda or at least the majority of it. Lose 30lbs and gain lean muscle. And people these are not RESOLUTIONS BUT GOALS!!! GO GET SOME! MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER AND MORE FULFILLING! Have more TIME, MONEY and Look Better and Be Healthier!