Paula Deen – Don’t hate

Paula Deen, 64 year old TV Chef for The Food Network, specializing in Southern Cooking, has admitted to having Type 2 Diabetes. The reason she admitted is because she has decided to start promoting the new diabetic prescription drug Victoza, from the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

When I first heard I was surprised and judgmental. But then I realized she had her own reasons and that is why she still does the cooking the way she does.

Now when I saw part of the Al Roker interview on The Today Show when he was drilling her, I thought to myself, that is funny Al, first of all you got Gastric bypass surgery AND you did a traveling food show??? REALLY??? Who are you to judge buddy?

Don’t believe me:

The skinny on Roker’s weight loss: Gastric bypass

Roker on the Road

Keep in mind, Paula Deen said she did give up sweet tea but she will not give up her cooking. The woman is 64 years old, give her a break. She is old enough to make her own decisions. She has cooked southern fried, fatty and sugary food all her life.

So Paula, its your prerogative, do what you want, 😉