Pizza is a vegetable, Walnuts are illegal drugs…what? Part I

When I first read this I thought okay possibly since if you look at the top of the pizza it contains veggies. But then when it was stated because of the tomato paste, do you know how much processed chemicals and junk are in tomato paste? Plus you have to remember kids are eating pizzas that were unfrozen NOT homemade people!!

Quote from Article (the very first paragraph) “WASHINGTON — Congress wants to keep pizza and french fries on school lunch lines, fighting back against an Obama administration proposal to make school lunches healthier. ” Obviously someone is stuffing the Congress pockets full of cash and they are just against Obama in general. Whatever. Nothing ever gets done because its the right way or the correct way, just depends on how much you are getting paid. Personally I would prefer my daughter eat healthier at school, although at home she eats plenty of fruits and veggies but as long as she is eating at school that is all I care about really.

WTF! Really??? Again FDA ignores the facts that walnuts cut heart disease and are made up of healthy fats such as Omega 3s. They say that actually potato chips specially Frito Lays are healthy HA! I wonder whose stuffing whose pockets in this case. Walnuts are a nut, grown from the ground, almost like comparing it to marijuana really lol!

Another quote and fact about the FDA and Government –

Headquartered in Stockton, California, Diamond Foods is a processor and marketer of nuts, with distribution in over 80% of U.S. supermarkets. Most of Diamond’s 1,700 walnut growers are family farmers with orchards in the heartland of California’s Central Valley. Their association with Diamond guarantees a market for their crops and provides the company with high-quality walnuts.

In response to independent scientific studies validating the health benefits of walnuts, Diamond Foods made financial investments to educate the public and supply them with walnuts. With one misguided letter issued by the FDA all of Diamond Foods’ good work may be undone.

This kind of bureaucratic tyranny sends a strong signal to the food industry not to innovate in a way that informs the public about foods that protect against disease. While consumers increasingly reach for healthier dietary choices, the federal government wants to deny food companies the ability to convey findings from scientific studies about their products.

Just plain rediculous. To be continued….