HELLO Nurse Jackie!

Well, after my dramatic hospital experience and actually thinking about it half jokingly (for a while now). I have decided to become a CNA (Certified Personal Assistant) and possible move up to a Registered Nurse. I have been also meaning to get First Aid and CPR certified for my daughters sake initially.

I have done great in my customer service job, but I feel like its a dead end job and I am getting nowhere. The company I am working for is great, but I REALLY, desperately want to do something different.

Honestly never thought this would be something for me. But now I believe it is. I am serious going to pursue it. Just need to tie up some loose ends and then I will start training. Hoping to have a CNA job in 6 months, by August 2012 the earliest and the latest by November 2012.

Welcome to the medical field 😉


Update: 1/20/2016 – In February 2014 I actually became a candystriper (hospital volunteer) and in April 2014 I took the Certified Nurse Assistant Course I just did not take the test to get Certified, I also did home care for two elderly people. Contemplating going to school to be a Medical Assistant or RN in AZ. 

I also just barely did a review on the nurse jackie series.