Profile: Monica Lewinsky

About Monica Lewinsky

Monica was made infamous for sexual encounters with former president. Tried to reclaim her with her bag business called The Real Monica Inc. Most recently obtained a Masters degree in psychology. She is still currently single.

Aside from all that, that all is nice and all. But I think she can do even BETTER!

Especially with a documentary about the former president Bill Clinton on PBS that will soon be airing, she should use that press time to either start her own reality show, write a book or something along those lines. I think she needs to take some lessons from Jersey Shore or the reality stars with tons of kids (notably Kate Plus 8).

I feel bad for the woman. I have nothing nasty or jokingly to say about her but she still needs to use what she got, even her embarrassing infamity and run with it! : D

Monica, take your company The Real Monica Inc and really do something with it! Need tips or help! Contact me 😉 I am pretty sure you can turn this around in your favor. You’re a beautiful and smart woman who just let your insecurities get in the way.