Lets talk about Sex baby…

Hmmm where do I begin? LOL! Well, I lost my virginity when I was 18 years old to my first serious boyfriend aka Baby Daddy. In my teens though I did experiment with toys. Not that I had access to them but there were alternatives. 😉 The most partners I had in my life I can still count on both of my hands. I have even had a serious relationship with a woman that last 2.5 years. That honestly for so many reasons is an experience I will never forget, but that is another blog post for another time 😉

I think we should, as a society need to not handle sex the way that we do but still be open to it. Not hide the subject because kids will have sex no matter what anyone says. I plan to handle it openly with my daughter. My mother did and I took the right road when I went that way.

The topic of sex came up because this morning I woke up and went through my sex tool box (it looks like a tool box lol) because I recently started selling adult toys for Slumber Parties so I was going through all my little secret boxes and such and organizing lol! My favorite toy is the classic bullet. Vibrators just don’t do it for me.

I am a single woman and I do not have casual sex so its important to me to have arsenal if you may to take care of myself 😉 and at the same time I don’t need anyone breathing down my neck lol! For years I have thought about selling Slumber Parties and such because I love their parties and products and now finally in 2012 I took the plunge and joined. 😉 In the past I have got paid to do sexting at home and I almost done webcam stuff and phone sex operator but those two roads I don’t think I want to do.

When I think of sex, I think of Sex and the City – Kim Kattral as Samantha, I love her boy toy on the show Jason Lewis known as Smith Jerrod (pictured) on the show or Madonna. I at one time had Madonna’s Sex book, never opened.

Anyway, I think we should handle nudity and sex the way the Europeans do.