Pill popping nation

Pill-popping replaces healthy habits

I was just thinking today how since 4 years ago, I take pills for everything I imagine I would never have to need them for.

Currently, I am taking my anti-depressant – a generic for Prozac and almost done with my vitamin D, since my doctor prescribed it since I was low in vitamin D when some lab work was done. Oh I am not done yet 😉 I take Ibuprofen 800 for pain such as headaches and cramps. Which is common. I used to be an insomniac so now I take a sleep aid, recently started taking Melatonin. I want to start taking Fish Oil supplements because of the health benefits of it. I have other vitamins that I bought from Walgreens but they are like horse pills and do not like to gag them down.

When I am really sick or having a really tough time I take a Xanax. It knocks me out for 8+ hours.

I remember when I was in the hospital to have my appendix removed they initially gave me morphine for the pain after the surgery then following that they decided to IV me with delada. Which honestly is the best pain medication I have had! Once the IV hits your nerves, your hold body from your head to your toes gets heavy and you sleep like a baby! No lie, I LOVED IT! LOL!

I remember when I was a teen and lived in a small town, people would sell their good pain pills for around $20 a piece that they get from their candy doctors (doctors who write out medications for pain pills even if that pain or what not does not exist within the patient). I was a teen so I observed what was going on. I also recall my relative’s significant other busting their toe with a hammer just so that they can get pain pills at the emergency room. I think now the emergency room just have people sit there for a few hours, run a few “tests” then give people Lortab to get them out of there.

I have never had an issue with pain pill addiction. I know its available to me if I want it but honestly I could care less. I know someone who states if you are in pain or whatever the reason take the pill or aspirin or what not and take away the pain, don’t sit there crying about it. Which I think I partially agree with.

See I am into natural healing with natural home remedies. For example, I still drink milk before bed and like to spray my sheets and pillows with lavender, drink warm honey, lemon and water for a sort throat/cough. I remember when I lived in Mexico my ex -grandmother in law, who I love dearly <3 used to have really bad pain in her legs and would have this oil filled with different plants (including pot) to help relieve the pain from her legs. I was in awe of her little oil that she had.

I know it is growing rapidly that people are taking pills for more and more reasons such as for weight loss, vitamin intake, blood pressure etc…I try to replace those pills for health for the real deal like a fruit or a vegetable. The only exception I make is my Shakeology or if it something I just cannot eat or drink always to get that vitamin. I remember talking to someone at their desk and seeing that they had 5-6 colorful desk and I was surprised and asked what they were for and they said they were their diet pills. Amazement was my response.

So I think if you have a serious medical condition you cannot really control then yes pop that pill for that reason…but if you are just effin around, then at least try to resolve it naturally. 😉