Staycation 2012

Every year, since 2010 my daughter and I have been taking staycations at the Holiday Inn Express. We love them. Its a good way to get away without actually having to get away.

We always go to the snack bar and get the chicken tenders, bring out chihuahua Sheesha, and just have a night out at a nice hotel stay. I also used to work for Holiday Inn Express as a night auditor when I turned 18 years old. I LOVED the job and working graveyard. 😉 I am a priority club member so I get points whenever I stay there as well.

A couple of new things I noticed, one they have plenty of paper things to recycle and they do not recycle. And now they now have room service with 18% gratuity. Which isn’t bad considering when I don’t feel like going anywhere to get food. However, we did not utilize it at this time 😉

My daughter also wants to have her birthday party there, which the snack bar is actually a concessions for the swimming pool which has all kinds of entertaining things in it like a water park. So I will try to do that this year for my daughter. 🙂

I will try to go again before this year is over and of course go again in February 2013. 😉

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