Yes! I am writing about Menstruation! Don’t like it. I don’t care. : p I think its an interesting topic to go over.

I first got my period when I was 12. The only time I haven’t got my period was when I was either pregnant or on the depo shot lol! I notice as I get older, it gets worse. My mom told me hers was really bad but I didn’t think mine would ever be bad, but hell yes they are! I was on the depo but I chose not to be because one, I am not promiscuous or in any casual relationship and two I want to keep my body as natural as can be, if that makes sense.

The first day of cramping though I felt like I was delirious and it was not good. I am not really a midol taker but usual take ibuprofen. I feel like I have been on my period forever. 🙁 I had some Tylenol too but not sure if that did any good.

I know a lot of people who have had Hysterectomies and no longer have to worry about their monthly visitor.

I know I wanted to blog about this but just woke up from my nap and not sure where I wanted to go with this lol!