Welcome to the ER

Not sure where to begin. Well, maybe. Friday night (on the 3rd of February) after work I went to this Mexican place on my way home from work and ordered my favorite: Tripa tacos. I ate them as soon as I got home. A few hours later my stomach was hurting, while it was hurting, I kept going through my head everything I did and ate that day. I also threw up. My mother thought it was constipation and gave me fiber and a laxative then I took something to help me go to sleep.

The next morning I woke up around 644 am with really bad pain. I went the number 2 and jumped in the hot shower and covered my stomach with the hot water to soothe the pain. By that point I told my mom and we got ready and went to the hospital. I checked in and they examined me and said that I had appendicitis. So my surgery was scheduled that evening on Saturday the 4th. I had my surgery and they just wanted to keep me for 24 hours for observation. Heck, I thought well, I will be home in time for the Superbowl.

Well, then things took a turn for the worst. That night, on Saturday, they were observing me and I told the nurse and the cna that my chest felt heavy. They did a chest x-ray and the doc that worked that hour, came and spoke to me around 0330 am came and told me that they need to move me to ICU because my chest is a mess. I couldn’t believe it. He kept asking me if I am a smoker and I was like no, hello, healthy as can be, I almost wanted to punch him. He said my chest x-ray looked like one of an 80 year old man. Then he said things are going to get to be the worst before it gets better.

ICU was a nightmare. First, they would not let my mom in the room. Then they had me hooked up to this horrible respirator. I couldn’t get up and use the bathroom so they hooked me up to a Urinary catheter. Those are not exactly fun but saved me from running to the bathroom. They kept me in there for like 12 hours before they moved me to CU to make sure I am better with my breathing. Which I did improve and was finally moved back to what they call a CU. Then from the CU they moved me back to the regular rooms. I swear I played musical rooms. And I must have seen like 12 Nurses, only a few doctors, 12 CNAs, one blood taker dude, and a dozen respiratory people as well.

What I liked about this experience: All the people I met, food and that my mom was able to be there with me the whole time.

What I disliked: ICU period.

I am sure I am missing other details. But may edit later I don’t know.

***What had happen after the initial surgery for my appendicitis, something happened and I got pneumonia and pulmonary edema. Conspiracy is I flatlined during operation and I inhaled after the tube was taken out grasping for air which filled my lungs with water instead of air which caused the pulmonary edema.