Johnson and Johnson

I first learned about Dani Johnson in 2004 when I joined AmeriPlan under my co-worker when I was a temp for a health enrollment call center. I was in awe at the woman’s genius when it came to network marketing. My co-worker friend Sponsor Janie Jones was very successful because she had followed the guidance of Dani Johnson. Anyway, I have always wanted to attend Dani Johnson’s First Step to Success seminars, unfortunately the times that she had come to Utah I had neither the money nor the time. 🙁 So I decided to purchase her First Step to Success CDs and script book. Now I have lost the information and need to repurchase it again to succeed in my business.

Now fast forward to November 2010 when I joined Beach Body and learned more about the world of health and fitness! I came across this inspiring woman named Chalene Johnson! Again in awe of her success as an Turbo Kick Instructor and Entrepreneur.

I freakin fell in love with her 30 Day Challenge to reach your goals and her Turbo Fire workout. She is very charismatic and smart. I also purchased her PUSH book which takes her 30 Day Challenge to reach your goals to the next level. I also plan on purchasing her Car Smart and her Social Media Kit 2.0 is GOLD, but unfortunately has sold out and now I am on the waiting list. 🙁 But that is okay in the mean time I did purchase another big wig Sandi Krakowskis social media course, who also happens to be friends with Chalene Johnson. 😉

Just click on their pictures and it will take you to their websites. : D