Movie Review: Dr. Seuss The Lorax 2012 (spoilers)

You know, when I first saw the preview of this movie, it made me think of people on shrooms watching it because of all the pretty colors and decorations. LOL! True story. Which made me have no interest in really seeing it initially. Not sure when I first saw the previews neither. I never even recall reading the Dr. Seuss book as a kid.

Then now, I had been wanting to go to the movies and so has my daughter. So I kept hearing on Facebook how good The Lorax was (and did not even know it was the same movie lol) and decided well, I will take Liz to a kid movie and we would go and see it. So, Saturday morning we went and saw the matinee (we always hit the early showings).

THIS time, in like a long time I decided to buy myself something to eat and drink at the movie theater (usually I buy myself NOTHING and a Kids Pack for my daughter) I got a delicious chili cheese dog, YUM! But the cost – $6 nearly killed me! Never again. Hell, I don’t even bring snacks into the theater, just my water bottle I keep in my purse and then stop somewhere for a fast eat after, if I am hungry.

Anyway, so the movie starts…I Love the fact that the characters are inventors! One invents this silly thneed and another is another entrepreneur who sales AIR! LOL! That part, I LOVED since that is so my field. But the sad part about all of it is, their ambitious behavior ended up destroying nature. 🙁 It was also scary for the fact that they lived in practically a bubble purchasing air (and I am not surprised water) and then when Thneedville gets broke open there isn’t nothing but darkness and dirt.

I also love the fact that Danny Devito, (he has one of the most awesome voices ever) was a voice over for The Lorax. And the trees reminded me of sticks of pink cotton candy…

I ended up really liking the movie A LOT. 🙂

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