Weight Loss Progress: Lost 13lbs 12+ pounds to go!

Thanks to Beach Body I have turned my health around. As of recent since my surgery, I have officially quit drinking soda, no longer eat McDonald’s (except drink their coffee) having my Shakeology every morning, drinking more water and low calorie flavored water.

My weight loss went kind of through stages though. First I ballooned at 160lbs, then sometime after that I managed to keep my weight at 157lbs, then again after my emergency surgery I lost 7lbs so I was at 150lbs then as of right now I weigh and staying at 147lbs. My goal weight is around 130-135lbs.

My goal also is to gain muscle with strength training and have body definition. Currently I am doing Chalean Extreme but I am going to switch to Les Mills Pump. My all time favorite cardio and my program I love is Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire!

Love my life! Love working out and good health & nutrition! : D