2012 a NEW Year, a NEW Me

2012 has been totally a new year for me! I LOVE IT! Although I did have some craziness go on at the beginning of the year, like going to the hospital, quitting my job but I am lovin my new life! 😀

Now initially, after I quit my job I had planned on working part time out of the house while my daughter was in school and focusing on my business. But now, I decided to work from home and also focus on my BeachBody business.

Right now I have bangs and have dark brown hair. I plan on doing a shaved undercut and pink highlights and pink bangs since I now have the freedom to do so. 😉

I am also more focused on my workouts. I am currently doing a Chalene Johnson Turbo Fire/ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid and drinking my Shakeology.

Something new for me, I am talking to all kinds of different men. Most of them are annoying me, so I think I might try a different place.

Since I have time also I want to attend different business functions from the local Chamber of Commerce and other places as well…

I plan on getting my daughters Portfolio done and taking her auditions as well and signed with the Craze Agency and cross my fingers that eventually she will have her own Disney show in Hollywood 😉

My plan is also to get my Pop Mag Bag off the ground and sell on Etsy and eBay. Bags made out of popular homemade magazines.

I plan on doing more 5ks, running the local high school track, the treadmill at the gym is okay but track is better. 😀

There are a ton of things I want and will do this year! I LOVE MY LIFE! 😀