My FIRST ever Beach Body Super Saturday event!

After being a Team Beach Body Coach one year and six months I was finally able to make it to my first Beach Body event! LOCAL! In my state Utah!

I met and bonded with other fellow Beach Body Coaches and learned so much in such a few short hours! We worked out, had Shakeology and danced to the Cupid Shuffle lol! I LOVE line dancing, so that was awesome! It was so great to be there! My plan now is to make it to our national event Summit in June 2012 as well as the next Super Saturday in June as well! Even if it is last minute for Summit, I am pretty sure I am going to go 😉

My favorite part was the skills that we had learned to help our business and the cupid shuffle. I was in awe of the successful people in Beach Body. Our presenter had hit Diamond in 30 days and we actually have someone locally who is in Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire Fire StarterTurbo Fire Fire Starter workout DVDs. 😉

In case you don’t know what the Cupid Shuffle is, what the YouTube video below:

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