Truck Driving

I thought I would take the time and blog about trucking because as of this year my parents became team truckers.

I think life on the road would be AWESOME! If I had the chance I DEF would. I love to travel and experience new things and new sights. I have always wanted to RV across country, my dream lifestyle. But because of my current circumstances of my parents being on the road, I am home to pet sit/house sit. Plus my daughter is in school but I wouldn’t ever rule out homeschooling. I think that would be an opportunity as well to educate my daughter myself. 😉

When I was a baby and my parents were still together, my dad was an over the road trucker as well and I think most of my uncles were truckers as well. I think it just runs through the family lol!

I would actually one day like to purchase a used RV to at least take camping. I love camping! Hiking and Fishing also. Anyways the possibilities are endless when trucking or RVing across country. 😉