Food Review: Half Baked Brownzzz

lol for a long time I have wanted to try these or Lazy Cakes. Basically chocolate brownies that relax you. I even had it on my Amazon wish list lol!

I was at the the smoke shop yesterday picking up a couple of Swisher Sweets cigars and I saw them and at first I was hesitant thinking it might not work but decided to get it anyway.

So anyway I took it around 10 pm last night because it says it may cause drowsiness because it contains melatonin and lavender. So I thought good, I take melatonin to go to sleep so I will just eat it before bed and usually takes about a half hour to kick in anyway.

So I ate about a half a brownie, which is one (1) serving because the brownie contains 2 servings.

So it did kick in and help me relax to sleep but I think I needed the whole brownie because I take a few melatonin at a time.

They also have any energy brownie called Buzz Brownzzz but I have plenty of crap to give me energy.

Basically it works 😉 And now I would like to try the competing called Lazy Cakes.