Food Review: Half Baked Brownzzz

lol for a long time I have wanted to try these or Lazy Cakes. Basically chocolate brownies that relax you. I even had it on my Amazon wish list lol!

I was at the the smoke shop yesterday picking up a couple of Swisher Sweets cigars and I saw them and at first I was hesitant thinking it might not work but decided to get it anyway.

So anyway I took it around 10 pm last night because it says it may cause drowsiness because it contains melatonin and lavender. So I thought good, I take melatonin to go to sleep so I will just eat it before bed and usually takes about a half hour to kick in anyway.

So I ate about a half a brownie, which is one (1) serving because the brownie contains 2 servings.

So it did kick in and help me relax to sleep but I think I needed the whole brownie because I take a few melatonin at a time.

They also have any energy brownie called Buzz Brownzzz but I have plenty of crap to give me energy.

Basically it works 😉 And now I would like to try the competing called Lazy Cakes.

3 Replies to “Food Review: Half Baked Brownzzz”

  1. hmmmm i just may need to look for these on amazon! when i get migraines or cluster headaches, id like to find an alternative to the PM pain meds as they take half the next day to wear off which makes an early morn working nearly impossible! and besides, i LOVE LOVE LOVE brownies!!

  2. I love these brownies every time I am sick of hearing my husbands bullshIt I eat a couple of these instead of taking my normal prescription pills that I abuse and I go right to sleep

  3. they are the only thing in all 20 years of my autistic daughters life to work I swear by them…great taste to..

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