Food Review: Tazo Organic Chai Tea

For weeks now I had been hearing about Chai Tea on Facebook from my friends. Now, I know I had it before but its been a LONG time and decided what the hell, I will get some, sick of hearing about it lol!

So my friend recommended Tazo Chai Tea concentrate. I ended up getting the organic kind since I think that is all Walmart had. She also suggested I use maybe a quarter chai and the rest milk. The concentrate is 32 fluid ounces and all you do is add milk.

So I bought and made some last night because I like having warm drinks at night to relax and it was really damn good! : D Normally I would have regular hot tea with sugar and milk, so this is a better option.

The ingredients are: a rich blend of flavorful teas, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom.

Whats funny about this is I have a Tai Chi workout so I keep getting the name mixed up with that since this is called Chai Tea lol!

Enjoy 😉