Nicki Minaj

I never thought I would like Nicki Minaj but I seemed to have skipped over Lady Gaga, annoyed by the fact she was stealing Madonna’s tunage and claiming it as her own, with her song called “Born this Way” to Nicki. 🙂

I was listening to her tracks on YouTube, I guess Starships was one of her popular ones but I like her “Stupid Hoe” song. I also noticed she has sang with Eminem, Willow Smith and some other big names, which is cool. I love that she is photogenic. I love that she loves Barbie and loves to wear pink. I love that she is different and she raps as well as sings pop. I am interested more in her rap than her pop. There hasn’t been any good women rappers since Salt N Pepa.

Anyway she rocks 😉