War on Iraq: Motive for Oil or Freedom?

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial holiday three day weekend because shit is about to get REAL up in here!

First I want to say, as we grow up society/education system teaches us that Columbus discovered America in 1492, the reason for Wars is to fight for our freedom, in God we Trust on our currency. But not all of this is true, possibly partially true but honestly we will never know because we are never taught the truth, we are only taught what we believe is the truth by the government which controls the education system and society, not only does the government controls that but also what we see on the news.

First of all Columbus did not discover America, Native Americans were already living here. Not all wars are for our freedom. Some are for greed as well such as oil and business purposes. God has nothing to do with currency, currency is an earthly invention.

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How I learned that things are not really what they seem to be is basically I married a Mexican lol,who was born and raised in Mexico and I have always had an open mind about things so of course I was open to that that all things are not butterflies and rainbows.

Like for example, in Mexico you have to pay to enter certain roads (I know, crazy) but my ex-husband believed it was the USA controlling their roads. I don’t know for sure, but again I am going to keep an open mind that not just the USA but that ANYTHING is possible for having to pay for those roads.

Now I know its easy to live in ignorant bliss, I still do it daily. But sometimes you have to face hardcore reality. I attempt to do so and/or question everything around me.

Now onto my point! : D

See this goes a lot deeper than just the wars, oil and government. I also question the 9-11 attack, because the whole thing seems sort of suspicious to me. Osama Bin Laden doesn’t seem real to me. I think the excuse was to attack the country for oil and needed an excuse for soldiers and a fight to do so. Bush was President at the time, and he is a big time Texas Oil tycoon.

I don’t care if its Republican or Democrat, anything under the government power is questionable. I choose not to vote this upcoming 2012 election or any others following this one.

I will also not keep my mouth shut or my eyes closed. We as a society tend to look away at things that make no sense but we do it anyway.

I feel bad for the soldiers that believed were fighting for our freedom but were really fighting for selfish greedy reasons of the government. But overall they are our true heroes because they are fighting for Americans and our country.