Why I got into Empower Network

When I was 18 years old, I discovered I was an Entrepreneur. My first network marketing business was Big Planet. I went to my first presentation in a hotel and was just in awe of the product and put the new business on my card that night.

Throughout the years I had join different companies. Notably, AmeriPlan, YTB, AVON (twice) looking for my success. I also promoted a 900 number from Don Lapre in local newspapers and when I lived in Mexico we owned a tienda (store) and sold stuff like you would see in a 7-11. That was the most boring business ever. If I ever own any type of store again, I will hire an employee lol!

All these businesses and products were great and I had mediocre success but nothing that would leave me financially independent or wealthy from my job.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Network Marketing, its one of the best things ever and I have met great people from it.

I have never been good at following the rules, even when I worked. I take doing whatever I want a serious business lol! I was called the trouble maker. I hated rules, I hated write ups, I hated a lot of things about having a full time job. I was stressed because I never saw my daughter and I was burnt out.  It was really depressing and I did it for 6+ years.e If you are curious, I was a Corporate Customer Service for a large shipping company. Finally, I said eff it, I will make it on my own and I am 😉

I am now 30 years old and came across Empower Network and the marketing for it is very simple! Just a 3 step process and they go step by step with you on how to make money right away. EN only requires you to work a couple of hours a day to build your business.  Which I have, I think we all have or can even make time to do so. You won’t make anything unless you put some effort into it! Period. Basically with Empower Network, I get paid to do what I love anyway: Blogging. It is a little bit more extensive than that but that is the basic idea. I like to talk about whatever I want and express my opinion on whatever I want, so this is perfect 🙂

See I like simple things. I don’t like chasing friends or family members, I can’t get people to show up for parties, cold calling is tough work (which I don’t mind doing), I don’t have to carry inventory, I don’t have to make a certain amount of sales a month etc… I just like to do my thing and be done and that is what EN does.

I have no patience for that shit. Especially as I get older. But I believe in the American Dream. Which honestly I think is not a house, but Freedom. Freedom from a job, freedom from misery, freedom from feeling trapped. There is no perfect business but this comes pretty damn close 😉