Is MCA a Scam??

Now I haven’t seen a business with substance like this since AmeriPlan or YTB.


Like AmeriPlan with advanced commissions but paid out for 17 months instead of a year and then doubled on Fridays in advanced. The benefits are just as good. On top of discounted prescription, dental etc..there is also roadside assistance, credit protection, etc…

Now initially I was like NO WAY, hell no, I am not joining another opportunity. I am broke, unemployed, and need to focus on what I am already working on. But then my Sponsor believed in the company and myself so much he helped me out.

This is not like any other opportunity because you are offering a service that people NEED. Its not a juice, a pill, lotions or potions.


When you sign up you are only signing up for the benefits, which is first and last months at $40. Then after you sign up as a member, you then sign up as an associate. Then when you sign up others, for only $40 a month and $20 a month thereafter starting on the 2nd or 3rd month. You get those advanced commissions in double for $80.


MCA Benefits Overview

MCA Opportunity Income Potential

MCA was founded in 1926, almost a century old company.


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