Andy Griffith passed away at 68…TomKat Divorce

I was sad to hear that Andy Griffith had passed away yesterday. I grew up watching The Andy Griffith show with my daddy, I loved that show and Mayberry, and everything so innocent about that show. 🙂

I am not sure of the cause of death, but I think 86 years is a good amount of years to live. I am sure he lived a happy life too.

Wow, interesting, I just wikied Andy and he was born the same day, same month and year as Marilyn Monroe. June 1st 1926. WOW, that makes them both Geminis and they were both actors. o.O Can you imagine if Marilyn Monroe had lived all this time? Anyway back to Andy! : D

Also I had no idea that Andy was a Democrat and endorsed Barack Obama.

Anyway back in Andy’s Mayberry days, I would have loved to have someone like him. He seems so sweet and cute.

I knew this would eventually happen and happy it did. TomKat divorce. This is Tom’s 3rd marriage and I believe Katies first? I could imagine that Tom Cruise is a control freak especially since he is 16 years her senior.

I have never liked Tom Cruise, the only movie I DO LIKE with him in it is the 80’s flick Cocktail. But he is of course famous for his roles in Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, Jerry McGuire, etc…and what makes it worse is his religious beliefs in the Church of Scientology. I will never understand that religion. SMH. But whatever floats his boat.

On E! News they mentioned how Katie Holmes will finally be able to make her way as an actress and out of Tom Cruise shadow and I believe it. She hasn’t done anything really big, honestly, all I really know her for is her role in Dawsons Creek and I never even watched that show lol! I would like to see her do her own thing.

Oh speaking of acting, I went to Toms Website just because and remembered he is doing the movie Rock of Ages, I might see it, out of curiosity but I really wish they could have chosen a different actor for the lead role.

Anyway when I was wiking all these actors, I discovered another strange coincidence, that the day that Andy Griffith passed away, is the same day that Tom Cruise was born. (Twilight Zone music)

We will miss you Andy and you GO KATIE!!! 😀