I love Camping! I feel like I belong to the Earth. It is the most relaxing thing ever, and I live in Utah, with tons of beautiful mountains and have only gone a few times in my life. :/ I find something wrong with this picture?

I finally got the opportunity to go with my sister this weekend, we had been planning it for a couple of months to go, because it was a thing her work setup to bring their families and camp and hangout together.

Oh it was so awesome! We had Dutch Oven cooking with potatoes, beans and meat. I have never had Dutch Oven but it was the best, REAL food I have ever had! So rich and delicious! The man who did the cooking was a pro! We are doing it again in September.

I also made the mistake of thinking it was going to be hot at night, since in Salt Lake City in has been 75 degrees at night. Actually, I forgot The Wasatch area is a lot colder and closer and higher up on the mountains so it was more like 40-50 degrees at night. BRRRR!!! I was lucky enough I still brought a jacket and a throw. (which wasn’t enough, but I survived)

I almost didn’t get to camping because my daughter didn’t want to go. I was lucky that my friend came through for me (AGAIN!) and was able to watch her overnight. 🙂 I missed her though and I think the next time she is coming with me.

I also made new friends and we left for the general store and got lost but we were able to find our way back with the jerky sign lol! So thank you jerky for saving us lol!