I want to go to New Jersey!


Now as of 2 years ago, I have been interested in New Jersey because of the media culture popular reality shows of Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious.

Even though my interest stemmed from such shows I think there is more to New Jersey then what we see on TV.

But before I get into that, let me get into some basics about NJ. New Jersey’s population is over 8 million, the Europeans settled into NJ in the 17th century and the weather seems to be humid and hot, now but it all depends on the area of NJ.

I would like to go to Alantic City and see the boardwalks in NJ. I am from Las Vegas, NV so Altantic City would be a fun sight to see to contrast and comparison to Las Vegas. They legalized gambling for the city in 1978. Alantic City is also known for having the longest boardwalk in the world. I always wanted to try to food on the East Side too. I keep hearing that NJ and NY are known for the best hot dogs and that is what I am really interested in.

For some reason I always pictured New Jersey to be a cold, snowy place since it is so close to NY. But they seem to have a lot of beaches, which I would like to visit as well.


Some interesting musical facts that I found out is The Jonahs brothers are from and reside in NJ. Frank Sinatra is from NJ. Plus a bunch of other mainstream musicians are from the state.

Aside from the entertainment though, some weird stuff that is rumored is that Jimmy Hoffa is buried beneath the Giants Stadium or New Jersey Turnpike.

New Jersey is also known for its sports and transportation system. I am not into sports that much but they do have popular teams such as the New York Giants and New York Jets. The transportation system runs people to neighboring states.

I would love to take a trip out there soon!