I know, smoking is bad for you. I have never smoked really my whole life, I first tried smoking when I lived in Las Vegas, NV and we tried it with the neighborhood kids, my mom caught us and made us smoke a cigarette in front of her instead of our friends and I didn’t want to smoke after that.

My parents smoked cigarettes our whole lives, but they were always respectful about it by smoking outside or in the garage. My mom as of 2 years ago quit smoking, my other dad (step-dad) does not smoke. Because she was lined up for a big job but because she smoked they could not hire her because of what the company represented. I think that took a big blow to her and finally decided, yes, I am going to quit and she used Chantix by the advice of her doctor. And six months later she had quit.

My brother smoked and continues to smoke as an adult and when he was a teen. My sister smokes as well. I don’t consider myself a smoker per-say, maybe a social smoker (when I drink alcohol) and I do like Hookah and flavored cigars. I first tried Hookah a few years back with my sisters ex and loved it. I also own a pink hookah myself and my chihuahua is named Sheesha. 😀 (Sheesha is the flavored herb used to smoke Hookah)

Now I don’t condone smoking, I mean it is unhealthy and can cause Lung Cancer but it does relieve stress and help you relax. But there are other ways of relieving stress as well. 😉

Smoking is no way glamorous and can cause you to be sick, smell like an ashtray and die.

I prefer a good nutrition and exercise but sometimes we don’t want all that is healthy for us. You know what I mean?