Food Review: Popcorn

All my life, I have never been a fan of popcorn, well except cheese popcorn, which you dont get very often and you get so little and costs so much. I dont know why I dont like popcorn, even with extra butter I dont like it. Today I went to the movies and saw Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 and I had a coupon if I order any size drink I would get a popcorn, which only cost me $4.00 with the coupon, so I tried to eat popcorn and I just really wasn’t that into it. I still had a full bag and so I just threw it out when the movie was done. In fact, my Mr. Pibb didn’t even taste like Mr. Pibb. Oh well. The point is I dont like popcorn. I tried. Unless its cheese.

What I like to do is steal pieces here and there from my daughter when I make her some and she is like “Mommy, I thought you didn’t like popcorn?” and Im like I dont lol! So, if I buy popcorn its for her mostly or anyone else that eats it.