Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Well, if you remember from my previous Thanksgiving post from last year (2011) I said how my Thanksgiving did not goes as it was planned as it was my head, well the same thing happened this year :/ . But we are getting CLOSER! In my head I wanted all my family and some didn’t show, some had other plans of their own which did not include me and the others had issues coming to Thanksgiving (which was not their fault). And again, I did not have Thanksgiving on time this year.

Anyway, it was still a Fabulous Day! I woke up at 8 am but was able to rest and relax till noon, then hit Walmart and get the leftover things I still needed for Thanksgiving. (I had already went shopping a few other times before that for Thanksgiving but kept forgetting things like MARGARINE, smh. Which is what I really needed between the turkey and mashed potatoes lol!

So anyway I came home and put the dogs outside and started prepping my bird. I made my own dressing aka stuffing, with veggies and Cool Ranch Doritos crumbs. (Moms idea) It tasted great and you couldn’t even taste it. Then made Betty Crocker Stuffing (Better than Stove Top Stuffing). Then, my bro and his gf popped in after I couldnt reach him all morning and told me that he doesnt have his phone at the moment. Which is good because I was getting worried.

Then a little bit later my sis showed up and then we had a a shot of rum with a Pepsi chaser but I just sipped it. (Not in a drinking mood, although I did pop 2 motrin just in case) And Tom helped me finish up with Thanksgiving dinner. We had a good time, talked with everyone, took some family pictures.

I am not a huge fan of holidays because they are boring and everything is closed but we didnt have Thanksgiving on time this year anyway and Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday. Its just when a big moment happens and then its over, you’re like, thats it? That is why I am not too thrilled with Christmas. I do like some things about Christmas but its still nothing I really care about. I try to keep up the Xmas for Liz but, thats it. I could do without and yes, dont get me wrong, I still like to receive presents and give gifts but idk just not that exciting. I dont think it ever has been.

Happy Thanksgiving! : D

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