Hello All….Its been a minute I know….

September 2012

Okay, more like a month lol! But I have been busy – getting my daughter off to school in 4th grade, started a new business and a few new blogs for business purposes. But during this time,

I have been PRODUCTIVE business wise. I made over $2800 this last month from affiliate/online/network marketing that if you see on the upper left hand corner I was able to buy myself a brand new Dell Laptop. I was also able to get more Shakeology. I even went and got myself a massage, it was so nice and I needed it!

October 2012

Well, still never finished my update from September 2012 lol! But this month I went back to making money with Freebies because if you have checked my latest video you would see that I get bored and have to change things up with my Online Businesses. Latest Video . I didnt make as much as my prior month but I still did pretty good, I love working from home. I am working all my businesses and you can read about all of them at http://www.JackieRose.ws

Then Liz and I had a great Halloween and you can read about that HERE, now its time for my favorite holiday THANKSGIVING!

I will try to update more often over here, but honestly I have many blogs including 2 Empower Network Blogs, 8 Blogger blogs, this blog, many! Especially depending on what I am doing.

I am still in the process of working on a Marketing Training website for anyone whom I directly sponsor in any of my businesses. The website for my team is WealthTraining.us – password protected for my team and still under construction ; ) Plus I still have the Team Prosperity Groups for MCA, and $6.99 Biz.

Well, now Happy Friday and Back to Work!