Mermaids DO EXIST!


Mermaids do not exist per Government
Discovery Mermaids – A Body Found

Ever since I was a kid, I was a huge fan of The Little Mermaid, I used to watch it back to back to back to back and watched the movie Splash. I have always been fascinated by Mermaids and believed that they do exist. Now, that I am an adult, my daughter, who is 9 years old, saw a show at her Aunts house called H2O – Just Add Water. Then she became really enthralled and wanting to become a Mermaid herself and wanted to go swimming and take baths all the time. H2O are about these three girls who discover an island with magical water which turned them into mermaids when they touch water and they also have special powers as well. It is a TV show out of Australia.

Then one day, a friend of mine of Facebook told me that Discovery Channel had a special on called Mermaids – A Body Found, and Liz was so excited to watch it and learn that Mermaids do exist, at first she watched it the beginning but thought it was spooky and then she decided to watch it, but I think she was disappointed that these Mermaids had no magic nor looked glamorous like they showed on TV. But we still were Mermaids for Halloween, although at last minute Liz wanted to be a Mermaid Witch. Every year we are the same character for Halloween.

Aside from the Discovery special, people are born with what they call a The Mermaid Syndrome, meaning their legs are sealed at birth. Shiloh Pepin is a good example of this syndrome and from I last recall she has passed away 🙁

But both and her still believe that Mermaids do exist, I never doubted from when I was a kid nor does my daughter. Its just now Mermaids don’t hold the same image for Liz as it did before the Discovery special. So now she has moved onto Witches. I love how she believes in magic as I do as well, but I told her GOD is the only one that holds the TRUE Magic.