Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

wikipedia – Twilight Book Series“Twilight is a series of four vampire-themed fantasy romance novels by American author Stephenie Meyer. It charts a period in the life of Isabella “Bella” Swan, a teenage girl who moves to Forks, Washington, and falls in love with a 104-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen. The series is told primarily from Bella’s point of view, with the epilogue of Eclipse and Part II of Breaking Dawn being told from the viewpoint of character Jacob Black, a werewolf. The unpublished Midnight Sun is a retelling of the first book, Twilight, from Edward Cullen’s point of view. The novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which tells the story of a newborn vampire who appeared in Eclipse, was published on June 5, 2010 as a hardcover book and on June 7 as a free online ebook.[1] The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, a definitive encyclopedic reference with nearly 100 full colour illustrations, was released in bookstores on April 12, 2011.[2]”

Twilight Movie Series “The Twilight Saga is a series of five romance fantasy films from Summit Entertainment based on the four Twilight series novels by the American author Stephenie Meyer. The films star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner. The series has grossed over $2 billion in worldwide receipts and consists, to date, of five motion pictures. The first installment Twilight was released on November 21, 2008.[2] The second installment, New Moon, followed on November 20, 2009, breaking box office records as the biggest midnight screening and opening day in history, grossing an estimated $72.7 million.[3] The third installment, Eclipse, was released on June 30, 2010,[4] was the first Twilight film to be released in IMAX.[5]”

I first heard about Twilight in 2008-2009 when all the ladies in the email department at my corporate job had the book on their desk and was reading it. Finally, after tired of seeing it, I decided to buy the book myself and see what all the hoopla was about. OMG, when I read the first book Twilight. I was in awe. I LOVED IT! Then I read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn soon after. I was not a huge fan of New Moon or Eclipse but I LOVED the finale of the series Breaking Dawn. See I grew up reading V.C. Andrews books, aka “Flowers in the Attic” which they did a movie about in the 80’s and Sweet Valley High Books. Plus I have never read books about Vampires before. Very much less books about vampires and werewolves. After I had read all the books, I was excited to go and see the first installment at the movie theater at the midnight opening showing, and omg the girls were going crazy. But it was fun!

The other two movies for New Moon and Eclipse I waited till they came out on video and I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 a week or so after opening and the same with Breaking Dawn Part 2. But I did go to the Walmart DVD Midnight Release Party when Breaking Dawn came out. Im sad that the story is now over. :/ I may re-read the books again and do a movie marathon as well, idk.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 was just AMAZING, I was in tears! What I thought was really happening really didn’t happen, thank goodness! I know it doesnt make sense what I am saying but you have to watch it to know what I am talking about and I aint going to put any spoilers in this post. I love it though when Bella gets mad at Jacob for imprinting on Renessme and says and I quote “You nicknamed her Nessie, after the lochness monster?!” lmaoooooooooo! I loved watching the relationship between Bella and her daughter Renessme. It just reminded me so much of Liz and myself. <3

I love the love story between Bella Swan and Edward. Even though there was a love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. When Jacob ended up imprinting on Bellas daughter Renessme proved that Edward Cullen was Bellas True Love and she was not meant for Jacob.

My favorite character aside from the main characters was Alice Cullen, so sweet and happy and could see the future. She has always been a good friend to Bella as well. Carlisle Cullen was also a great leader amongst the vampires who hunted animals instead of humans and saved peoples lives as a doctor and turned them into vampires if they could not be saved.

I will forever love the Twilight series story <3