Visalus under Scrutiny

Back in August 2011 I was a Visalus rep briefly because of the BMWs, celebrity endorsements, flashy big checks, parties and I loved their marketing! You can read about that HERE

Anyway this year, Visalus is now under a class action law suit under their parent company Blyth Inc Stock Symbol BTH. Rigrodsky & Long, P.A. Announces A Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Blyth, Inc. because of false reportings of their company standing to their shareholders.

Im not really surprised, Im unsure of their business practices of their reps and/or company. When I first went to Vi, I didn’t feel at home so that is why I came back to Beach Body. I remember a lot of Vi reps trying to convert Beach Body reps to Vi. Which of course, Vi has GREAT marketing and a lot of MLMers do that. I mean between the shiny BMW and Comp Plan, Beach Body reps were switching over. Some did come back though. It was a crazy time and Visalus was growing like a fire and still is.

And now before all this happened I noticed that Visalus reps have been joining Empower Network, which I think MOST reps from different MLM companies and I thought wow, Empower Network and Visalus are a match made in heaven, two peas in a pod. Then I later learned from other Networkers that Visalus is suspending their top reps for cross promoting into Empower Network. : O That surprised me because I thought Vi was a very lenient company and a great pair with EN.

Now I learn that they had updated their policies to include that any other family member in the same household cannot be part of any other MLM/affiliate program. Now I just think that is downright ludicrous. I understand how some programs it is that way but not with MLM. People start building their company traditionally from their household, friends and family as crazy as that sounds lol!

The truth is, NO MLM cannot control ANYONE from doing more than one opportunity, network marketers and entrepreneurs diversify and have multiple streams of income. Like the saying goes, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. What would happen if Visalus shutdown like Zeek? I think because of their new policies they would have more lawsuits on their hand. I bet your asking what about company loyalty? There should be company loyalty to an extent. Plus, how can you be loyal to a company who isn’t loyal to you?

Anyway, I hope Visalus is able to pull themselves out of this mess with these lawsuits and with their reps and increase their longevity. They still are a great MLM I think. Wish you well Visalus <3