Why I joined EN Empower Network AGAIN! (third time)

Why I got into Empower Network

Okay before I go into depth as is to my mixed feelings about EN PLEASE so that YOU UNDERSTAND better read the first link above. 😀

Now, let me make my points for yall to understand:

1) I don’t like Blogging on Empower Networks Platform EmpowerNetwork.com. Why because JackiesRamblings.com is my baby and I am in the process of nurturing it and growing it. I have had this Blog for 3 YEARS. I originally started on Blogger, since that is where I start most of my Blogs. I had a biz blog and a cruise tip one self-hosted wordpress on my hostgator before too but I let those ones go. JackiesRamblings.com I am free to blog about anything I want when I want.

If I want to talk business, I will. If I want to talk cruises, I will. Some people think that my blog needs to have a specific niche in order to be successful and I call bullshit. I remember David Wood and David Sharpe of EMPOWER NETWORK one day stating (I may have read it or heard a call or recording or something) say that you blog what you FEEL and that one of their peeps in Empower Network, did a strong post about the government and it brought him in a bunch of leads and sales. So chew on that 😉

I also figured out a way I can still build my content of my blog as well as blog on ENs platform. I just do a post on EN and then link it back to my blog. Simple as that. 😉

2) I did not and still do not fully understand EN, the reason so though is and I know it is because I haven’t delved into the training, conference calls, webinars etc…Plus I am at the Basic $25 level and no ewallet. I find it pointless for me to promote it when I already have $25 profit gigs. I figure whats the point?

So I decided when my money comes in I will be going in Costa Rica Intensive $500 one time, so I can earn those big commissions. I want EN to be my high ticket item at the end of my primary which is MCA, (MCA $80 advanced commissions sales per sign up and on Platinum Level for Residuals from the 3×8 Matrix) Copy Paste Cash ($25 one time fee via paypal) and then EN ($500 Commissions and turn profit and upgrade to $3,000 plan).

3) My #3 reason is after hearing a lot of network marketing gossip about different companies such as Beach Body, Visalus and others suspending top reps for doing other businesses and cross promoting, I realized that EN gives you the most freedom to do whatever you want and still some MLM companies like to hold you back. They have created a passive income with no restricting rules and powerful resources, training to build your EN business.

4) Commissions. Nuff said.

Anyway I keep coming back to it, so there must be a reason, more than half my network does Empower Network along with their other businesses. The first time I started EN was back in November 2011? Then I quit and came back STRONGER than I originally did and blogged on their platform, very good, well written, long articles. Then I quit again. Then I joined again. Im crazy what can I say? :p Trying to think if I had more points to cover but I think I may have covered everything. I also know a lot of the top leaders are in EN. I dont want to be left behind. My goal is financial independence and that is what I intend to have and do.

Anyway, I hope that cleared it up for some folks 😉 Im sure if I have more I INTEND to blog about it.