Will I ever meet Mr. Right? Do I even care anymore?

After watching Twilight for the 5th or so time and watching how fantasy Bella and her Fantasy man Edward romance blossom, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted and annoyed. I have only had two (2) serious relationships in my life. The first one left me a single mom and the second one left me crazy. After the second relationship I really wanted to keep my space and my wall up. I have plenty of baggage and aggressiveness that I am sure most men wouldn’t be able to handle and that is why I want someone who understands and is on my same wavelength and a REAL man. And this time I aint settling. My standards maybe high but I think its good that they are high. You only live once. And if not, I will just become a crazy cat lady. 😉

I have spent most of my time in my life alone and I have hardly dated ever in my life. But I am still a 30 year old woman with needs. The men I talk to like on Tagged.com or POF.com (PlentyOfFish) not seem to be on my same wavelength, no attraction or chemistry or basically just losers. I even meet men on Facebook.com and still no attraction and I talk to a lot of people online because we are in mutual businesses, networks and such. I have had friends that have met and married men online from PlentyOfFish.com, LDSPlanet.com and MeetMe.com and I have friend who also dates men off of Tagged.com.

Hell, I can’t even meet Mr. Right Now lol.

I also think its kind of pointless (for myself) to talk to a man out of state or even on the southern side of Utah. I mean, they are in different states for crying out loud? Do they have to live so far? ESPECIALLY other countries lmaoooo, but I wont go there lol! But, really? When I get messages from other states, I tend to ignore them. Why bother? You can’t see each other? Webcamming and Phone, no thanks.

I also dont really want to meet anyone at the same time, I think. For my daughter’s safety and I have a cozy life being a stay at home mom and I work online and as a pet and house sitter. I dont need to add any complications in my life. Unless they were by my terms, maybe 😉

I don’t know, one day we will see…overall I am happy with my life, so, really no complaints 🙂





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