Anna Nicole Smith – Update on Dannielynn

s-DANNIELYNN-BIRKHEAD-PHOTOS-large640 I was always fascinated by Anna Nicole Smith and was very sad when she passed away of a broken heart, it was a broken heart because she lost her son Danny that she had literally grew up with and had at 16 years old and got married. Of course its stated she O’D but she had a reason, her sad heart for her baby.

Now her new bundle of joy Dannielynn is 6 years old and looks like the splitting image of her beautiful mom. She has also taken in some of her mother’s footsteps by modeling for Guess for their childrens line. Guess Kids.

I used to watch Anna Nicole Smith on her E! program The Anna Nicole Smith Show. Everyone thought she was dumb as rocks but she was really an intelligent person who knew what she wanted and what she was doing. Yes, she was in prescription drugs, but that is honestly nothing unusual. Im sure your thinking how could she just leave this new child because of a death of her first.

When I first had my daughter, now I dont think a lot of women admit this or it maybe just me, but you GROW to love your newborn, yes you love them initially but they are strangers to you, to feel true love you grow to love them and they grow with you. Even though that point, dont get me wrong, I would do anything for my baby since she was born. If you read my birth story you would know. Some people will understand and others will not, I am just going off my personal experience. Basically she had Danny Smith her WHOLE life and Dannielynn was this new baby. Her heart was broken for her son. dannlarry

Going through the news updates. I see Dannielynns daddy Larry Birkhead really cares and loves for her and probably misses her mom Anna Nicole Smith too. I am happy she is in good hands. I am sure we will be seeing more of Dannielynn in the future and her dad will become her dadanmager in the show biz spotlight. 😉